Monday, December 8, 2008

Catching Up - Post-Thanksgiving

Emily has been busy finishing up her first semester. Only four days left!!! She has done a great job at staying focused and working hard. Cole and I are very proud of her. Cole and I have kept busy by watching the snow fall (we've had 2 snowfalls in the past 2 weeks, with another one on the way tonight) and watching a great deal of football.

Cole got to experience his first Florida/Florida State game a couple weeks ago. Needless to say, he wasn't very impressed with the Noles and passed out in the middle of the 3rd quarter.

A fun, new thing that we just started with Cole is feeding him some rice cereal. He did surprising well on his first attempt, as you can see from the pics and videos below. However, he does tend to get distracted at times, mostly because he wants to play with his feet.

Mommy feeding Cole

Daddy feeding Cole.

Cole also got to experience his first SEC Championship Game, where the mighty Gators prevailed once again and will play for the National Championship on January 8th. Drew (Georgia fan) and Dave (Tennessee fan) joined us to watch it. Us SEC fans need to stick together out here in Big XII country.
Cole celebrated the Gators winning the SEC with a hearty bowl of rice cereal.

Catching Up - Thanksgiving

We stayed in town for Thanksgiving so that Emily could focus on getting some papers written. But we had a great time with some of our friends! Ryan played some turkey-day football in the morning, and then we headed to our friends' place that they were house-sitting for to spend the rest of the day. Cole got lots of loving and we had a great time. Here are some pictures from the day...

The turkey didn't thaw in time, so we stopped by the grocery store on the way and picked-up a couple of these beauties. Nothing says Happy Thanksgiving like a loaf of turkey! Here is a video of Drew "carving" our turkey.

Quite the Thanksgiving spread. It was delicious!
The whole crew.
Cole got lots of quality time with Laura, Jodi, and Erin.

Cole takes a post-dinner cat nap on the couch, next to the cat.
Roberts Family Thanksgiving 2008

Catching Up - Pre-Thanksgiving

Not sure why I have been lax on updating the blog. I have probably just been too focused on the Gators and their run at another national championship. So, over the next few days I will have you all up to speed on what has been going on with us.
Cole got to experience his first Michigan/osu game a couple weeks ago. Sadly, it did not turn out the way we'd hoped, much like Michigan's entire season. Luckily, Cole will never remember the worst season in the history of Michigan football.

Some Doulos friends, Greg and Joey, were in town for a Doulos fundraiser, so we met up with them at their hotel to catch up for a few minutes. It was so great to see them and for them to get to meet Cole!

On the Monday before Thanksgiving we had two of Emily's friends from her classes over for dinner, along with their husbands. Like me, Jason and Paul are also not seminary students, which is a rare thing around these parts. We have since started a support group called "My Wife Knows More About Jesus Than Me".