Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Spring Has Sprung!

Just a quick update from us. Emily is about 2 weeks from being done with this semester and is doing great in her classes. We are starting to prep the garden to plant some good stuff in the next few weeks. We are enjoying the change in weather (even though it did snow again last week), as most days have been warm enough to head outside with the kids and soak up some sun. I am coming up on my 1-year anniversary of working at Chick-fil-A and things are going well there. We have too many good pictures to post here on the blog, so I posted them on Facebook and you can view them by clicking on this link:

Here are a couple of family pictures in case you don't feel like looking at all the pics on Facebook:

Friday, April 9, 2010

Life :)

Cole is definitely developing into a very loving and very opinionated young man. His "terrible twos" have been here since 18 months, but he is already showing signs (very small signs) of being obedient. On his good days he is so enjoyable to be around. He loves Elmo and all the other Sesame Street characters. He loves playing with his friends Samuel and Gami. His vocabulary is pretty extensive now, with his new favorite things to say being "I'm funny?" and "pemis" (penis). The Piehls were so nice to give us their double-jogging stroller! We've already taken the kids out for one run and now that the weather is improving we will be hitting the trails up more often.
Gwen is doing well as she approaches 6 months of life. Three of the past six nights she has slept for 8-9 hours straight, so mommy is starting to get a little more sleep these days, which couldn't have come at a better time as Emily has a huge paper due on Tuesday and then the end of the semester on the horizon. Gwen loves being outside (just like Cole), but when she's inside she enjoys posting onto her new blog.

Although I did say that the weather was "improving", we do live in Denver and so we could get significant snowfalls into May. At the end of March we got almost 2 feet of snow in 24 hours. Here is the aftermath.
I love this picture of my favorite girls!
More pictures (and maybe some videos) should be forthcoming in the next few days.....