Saturday, January 24, 2009

Catching Up - Houston Christmas

We were blessed to visit both families this year. It was a great, long trip. Surprisingly, after 10 days in Florida, Cole was ready for more good times in Texas. My Grandma and Grandpa Yeager and Grandma Bentley were able to come to Houston to meet Cole which was awesome!! And Cole loves time with Grams, Grandpa and Aunt Alycia. Here are some pictures for your viewing no particular order (Ryan is so much better at this)

Grams, Cole, and Grandpa bringing in the New Year! Daddy and Cole having fun

Cori, me, and Kel with our kiddos
Aunt Alycia, Grams, Cole, and me
Grams, Grandpa, and Cole
Great Grandma Bentley, Great Grandma Yeager, Great Grandpa Yeager, and Cole
Aunt Alycia and Cole
my Grandmas my Mom and her Mom
Sistas freezin at the Texans game

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Catching Up - Florida Christmas

We flew to Orlando to spend Christmas with the Roberts side of the family. To see more pictures from our Florida Christmas, visit this photo album on Facebook.
Silly Papa and Aunt Janis flew down from Michigan to hang out for a few days. Here is a video of Silly Papa meeting Cole for the first time.

Four generations of Roberts men.

We went to Rex & Ashley's church on Christmas Eve to see Paige sing.

The whole Roberts family all together for the first time.
Here we are on Christmas morning opening stockings and hanging out.

At one point we had 17 people in the house on Christmas Day. Uncle Scot, Aunt Shari, Derek, and Brendan came by for a couple hours. Joe and Candy (Ashley's parents) drove over from Lutz to have Christmas dinner with us. It was so great seeing everyone.

Here we are enjoying our Christmas Dinner.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Catching Up - Our Colorado Christmas

We decided to celebrate Christmas in Colorado before he headed south for 17 days. So, we woke up on a Saturday morning and did all of our traditional Christmas things.
Daddy got Cole a hat for his giant head.

We got some great gifts. These are from Heidi and the boys.

Then, we made our traditional Christmas breakfast and had a bunch of our friends over to celebrate with us.

Then on Sunday we helped co-host a Christmas Party for all of our friends.

To see more pictures of our Colorado Christmas, visit this photo album on Facebook:

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Catching Up: Cole's first sledding adventure

With finals being over and having a few days before traveling home for Christmas, we got to spend some time hanging out with friends and enjoying the time off. Emily got Cole and I a sled for Christmas, so we took it on the hill outside our apartment to test it out. Such a fun time! Here are some videos. To see pictures, go to the December 2008 album on Facebook.

Cole and Daddy's first run!

Mommy & Cole shredding down the hill.

Evan takes a spill.

Evan going down backwards

Emily and Lauren hittin' the slopes.

Drew on the tube.