Monday, September 21, 2009

A Camping Adventure

We finally made it camping after living in Colorado for a year. We packed a whole car load full of stuff and headed about an hour and a half into the mountains. We made the trip with the Chapins, another family that lives on campus. They have three very adventurous boys, Joshua (4 years), Daniel (3 years), and Matthew (17 months). Most of our time was spent just hanging out around our campsite and trying to keep Cole from eating every stick, rock, and pinecone, and trying to keep all the boys from catching themselves on fire.
On day 1, Cole is having a blast camping!!!

Matthew takes a break from exploring to rehydrate.

Men doing manly things.
Cole and I having a father/son moment. I like how he really wants to eat the stick, so he points at something to get me to look away and then shoves the stick in his mouth.

All the boys sitting down at the same time. This lasted for about 17 seconds.

We finally got the kids to go to bed around 9:00, so we had about an hour to relax and chat around the fire before the crying starting. Thus began a whole night's worth of Cole and Matthew taking turns crying and shattering the silence of our campsite. Finally at about 3:00 I took Cole into the car and we slept in there. Here is video of the morning after. Cole seems pretty content with life. We, and the other hand, were exhausted.
Even though we were tired, we still went on a short hike on Day 2 before heading home. Cole is rockin' the backpack.

The whole family having a great time together :) Here are Andrew, Melissa, and the boys. Melissa is due with Baby #4 about 3 weeks after Emily is due. Next time we take a family photo we'll have FOUR of us in it!!!! Baby Girl is now 3 weeks and 2 days from being due!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

An Update On Our Crazy Lives

Things have been a little crazy around here, hence the 7+ weeks without posting a blog. Emily has started classes again, taking 9 credits this semester. She contacted all of her professors before the semester began and let them all know of our special circumstances with her being pregnant. All of the professors seem willing to work with Emily once the baby arrives in a month or so. Emily is trying hard to get as much done as possible before the baby arrives, all while I am working about 45 hours a week between the two jobs. We are going to have a lot of help once the baby comes as Emily's mom has volunteered to come for two weeks (of which Emily's dad will come for a few days as well). Then a few days later my parents will be coming for 5 days to help out, as well as celebrate Halloween, my birthday, and another Gator victory over Georgia.
Here is a little taste of what life has been like for us over the past month or so.

Here is Emily at 7 months pregnant. Beautiful as always.
Our good friends, the Hills, had their first baby about 8 weeks ago. Emily watches her twice a week while they are both in class. Here is some precious video of Cole and Honey Cate.

Another one of Cole's buddies is Samuel, who is about 10 months older than him. Here they are enjoying a nice, summer day in the pool.

Cole is a kid who just does better when he gets his naps in. On one particular day, he didn't take any nap at all. Here is the result:

Samuel and Cole have decided to start a band. They aren't very good, but it is a constructive activity that keeps them out of trouble.

We still need to post some pics and videos of when Emily's family came to town in July, as well as some pics from our adventurous camping trip. We'll get those up next time we have a spare minute.

We would also like to share our excitement in knowing that Cole and baby girl are going to be getting a new cousin in April! My little, baby sister Colleen is expecting! Congrats Chris & Colleen! Woo Hoooo!!!